Weight Loss And Meditation

It might be hard to believe, but meditation can be an essential help in losing weight. It doesn’t matter whether you meditate using a mind machine like the MindSpa system, or more traditional methods such as TM or Raja Yoga, spending time in deep states of mind can help you shed the pounds.

When we think of things that will help us with weight loss, we would normally think of changing our diet (so that we don’t consume so many calories) or performing physical exercise (so that we burn off surplus calories).

But if you’re going to be successful in your weight loss campaign, then you’ve got to have the right state of mind as well. If your mind-set is wrong, then dieting and exercise are unlikely to do the trick.

One of the best ways to attain the correct state of mind that leads to an effective and prolonged reduction in weight is meditation. There are a number of reasons why meditation can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Firstly, engaging in an exercise regime and staying away from fattening, unhealthy food can take a great deal of discipline. Meditation can help you to generate this discipline and create a laser-like focus on your weight aims. Meditating every day, or even just a few times a week, will build up your psychological strength and enable you to weather the ups and downs of a weight loss programme.

It’s very east to come up with reasons why you shouldn’t go for a swim or a walk around the park, but when you meditate, you’ll find that you are motivated to do your exercise. Similarly, meditation will give you the mental fortitude to enable you to say ‘no’ to cakes and sweets.

Secondly, meditation leads to an improvement in both physical and psychological health. For example, meditation can help to boost the immune system and lower blood pressure. Psychologically, meditation can help improve confidence and self-esteem. And as your body starts to align itself with better health, you’ll naturally endeavour to eat healthy foods and will want to take part in activities that enhance your fitness.

Thirdly, it’s long been known that positive visualisation can play an important part in reaching any target, such as weight loss, and can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off. For example, you can mentally picture yourself at your ideal weight and enjoying your improved physical appearance.Or you can see yourself turning down high-calorie food and choosing healthy food instead.

But here’s the thing: positive visualisation is much more potent when you do your visualising when your mind is in a meditative, relaxed state. It’s when you’re in a deep state of mind that you can access your subconscious effectively. And your subconscious will then use those images you’ve created to generate your reality. In other words, by programming your mind, you’ll change your body.

There are many techniques you can use to meditate. However, many traditional meditation techniques can take a long time to master. Meditation Machines. such as the MindSpa, offer another route to deep relaxation and meditation that is particularly suited to the fast-paced, stressful lives that many of us lead these days. Whichever way you decide to meditate, the regular practice of meditation will play an important part in your weight-loss effort and will lead to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

Find out more about meditation and how a MindSpa Meditation Machine can help you.

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