Weight Loss WORKOUT ROUTINE | How I lost 120lbs | tips & tricks



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    • avatar yonoseloquepasa 1

      What's wrong with your leg? Why are you standing like that?

      • avatar Wandalandx 0

        omg this video is so good for motivation

        • avatar Rinoa Heartilly 2

          Lookin good!

          • avatar Joanna Garcia 1

            6 pounds lost ….. 50 pounds to go 😕

            • avatar Yellow Night 1

              I used to diet all the time, I would be all slim but flabby? Now beginning of 2017 I been weight lifting, push ups, n squats. Now I got a strong healthy firm body 💕 n I'm still eating cake 🎂

              • avatar Texas Robinson 2

                I really love your videos! I just posted my first video about my weight loss and it is honestly nerve wrecking but I hope I can inspire people the way you have!

                • avatar Evelyn guzmann 1

                  Don’t put your weight on the stair masters handles Bc your using them to help you although it’ll be better if you walk straight up and do your workout trust me it helped me better

                  • avatar Courtney Bailey 2

                    in the 5 months where you walked and did the bike were those the only things you did?

                    • avatar IAMCARLOSS 1

                      Give me the thumbs up boom ! Baby

                      • avatar Tia's way 1

                        What gym is that it seems like they have a really good variety of machines mine doesn't seem to have as many

                        • avatar Bella_Lucky 123 1

                          Girl what!?!?! You look fricken amazing!! Did you get any excess skin?? Or anything around that when you loss all that weight??? Damn goals!!

                          • avatar Bob Saget 1

                            Do u have any lose skin. I need to lose about 70lbs but I'm scared of lose skin. Since I'm younger I'm scared of people laughing at me

                            • avatar JESSICALOVE626 2

                              U look so good

                              • avatar Athenas Nova 2

                                I just don't have the motivation I wanna lose 50 pounds

                                • avatar vanessa garcia 1

                                  Damn! Inspiration to me :)

                                  • avatar jay birdie 1

                                    I'm recently on my weight loss journey I weigh 260 on my way to 180

                                    • avatar jay birdie 2

                                      Biiiisssh u goals 😉🙌