What Are the Risk Factors of Heart Disease?

A common concern of heart disease is the risk factors. There are factors of heart conditions and people whom fit into these categories are more likely to obtain it in their lifetime. Some causes of this condition are grouped into two different categories; one being uncontrollable and the other being controllable. With it categorized it is easy to understand the things you can do to prevent it.

Some of the uncontrollable factors are age, family history and race. People that are of older age are more likely to have this illness than someone that is younger. If someone in your family has had this condition, it is common that you will also have it as it can be genetic. If you are African American, American Indian, or Mexican Indian you are more prone to it than Caucasians. Another common uncontrollable signs is sex. A male is more applicable to have problems than a female; however females that are post-menopausal are more applicable than those that are pre-menopausal. All of these are uncontrollable situations, but it is important to remember that anyone can get it even if they do not meet these criteria listed above. It’s important to follow your physician’s orders if you feel you may be at risk.

There are many more controllable factors than there are uncontrollable. The most common are smoking, obesity, stress and inactivity. It’s important to incorporate some type o physical activity into your daily routine. As little as 30 minutes a day several times a week can play a significant part in leading a healthier lifestyle. A person that smokes on a daily basis has more than twice the risk of having a heart attack. Being obese can put strain on your heart, as well as worsen several other things. Stress or depression, when poorly controlled, can lead to strokes and attacks. Inactivity can lead to obesity and multiple other health issues that are directly related to this condition. Some of the other controllable factors are hypertension, high LDL as well as diabetes. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is the most common known cause. If you have this you should follow your physician’s instructions to the best of your ability. High LDL, or bad cholesterol, should be monitored at all times as it can be directly related to problems in the future. If diabetes is not kept under control it can lead to significant damage which, in turn, can lead to heart disease. The majority of these controllable risk factors can be influenced by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes eating correctly, exercising on a daily basis and avoiding harmful substances.

To sum it all up, this is a serious disease and should be handled with care. Some of the things you cannot control, however the majority of them you can. Keeping yourself healthy can make a world of difference when it comes to your heart and all the necessary precautions should be taken. When evaluating this you should concentrate more on the things that you can control rather than those that cannot.

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