What Different Meditation Methods Can I Use for the Best Meditation Results?

There are a multitude of different meditation methods available. The one that you end up using on a regular basis is usually a matter of personal preference but here are some different methods that you should consider.

1. Join a local class

This is often people's first port of call as it provides both confidence and the social aspect of meditating with other like minded people. The precise method of meditation used depends on the class, so if you had one method in mind then it pays to check whether or not that's the one being practised. Quite often the class is combined with yoga as that's another great way to relax.

2. Walking meditation

This is a method that's favored by beginners and experienced meditators alike. The beauty of using a walking meditation is that it's available near enough anywhere and you don't need any special equipment over and above what you're already wearing. Choose a nice place to walk if possible - a park or following a river bank for instance - but even that is not essential. Then place your focus on both your walking and also the things that you see, hear, feel and smell as you go about your walk. The intensity of this process can be quite amazing. Many people report that when they actually focus, they notice things that have passed them by on numerous previous occasions. Try it for yourself - there's a good chance that even if you're been using the same route for months or years, you'll notice new things along your way.

3. Mantra meditation

This is the method that you have probably seen in movies where there is a room full of monks, all chanting the same thing (often the word "Om") at the same time for what seems like forever. The idea of using a mantra meditation is that you place your entire focus on repeating the mantra over and over again, allowing your mind to rid itself of all the distracting thoughts that have been cluttering it up. A session of even ten or fifteen minutes will leave you refreshed and raring to go, with a new found sense of clarity in your mind.

4. Candle meditation

This is quite similar to the mantra meditation and may even be combined with it by some people. In this instance, your focus is on the flickering flame of the candle. The idea again is that this process will allow your mind to clear itself of all the thoughts and worries that build up in our everyday lives. Following the flame of the candle - and nothing else - is a great way to unwind yourself and allow yourself to relax with this easy meditation method.

5. Binaural beats meditation

This isn't like the other methods as it almost doesn't involve you in the process, other than listening to a specially recorded MP3 file. The audio does the whole meditation process for you, taking you into a deep state of relaxation whilst you listen to the sound of rainfall or a new age track.

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