1. The Real MoutacheBunny The Real MoutacheBunny

    This is one of my favorite videos. I don't have anxiety but its gorgeous and makes so much sense.

  2. gina marina gina marina

    My life in a nutshell. Well said. 👏🏻

  3. Wally O Wally O

    I hear sister ur not alone.
    Also your very smart wow great job.

  4. LaxCaedyn11 LaxCaedyn11


  5. mary addis mary addis

    omg i always have anxiety i hate it. im always watching my back and breathing heavy. like f my life.

  6. Hay Its Lily Hay Its Lily

    Your really pretty!! 😍

  7. Adam Bobich Adam Bobich

    Thank You so much Meghan! This explains my life perfectly and this helps me explain what is going on i'm my life. You're my FAVORITE YT EVER!!!!! Thank You so much for makimg this video and every other video that you've ever made!

  8. VampireGirl_16 VampireGirl_16

    Hello to who ever is reading this well let me start by saying I suffer with Social anxiety disorder which makes it hard for me to speak to new people I struggle to tell People about it. I also have many anxiety/panic attacks because I get really anxious and stressed. Some times it's just being in a room I don't feel comfortable in that makes me have a panic attack. Sometimes I go home and get really upset as i find it so difficult to cope I feel like I'm alone and no one wants to help me. So that's just a short way of me describing my anxiety.

  9. Vlogsanddoes Vlogsanddoes

    I hate when people say they have anxiety because they have to do a presentation because I have that and that's being nervouse shut upppp

  10. Vlogsanddoes Vlogsanddoes

    I hate when people say they have anxiety because they have to do a presentation because I have that and that's being nervouse shut upppp

  11. Nuvi Nuvi

    Never gotten true anxiety, not going to be an attention seeking piece of shit and act like I do. Just glad to get some understanding of this weird mysterious thing. I guess I'll count my blessings, and also hope the best for y'all.

  12. shanny94 sha shanny94 sha

    I've had anxiety since as far back as I can remember…. mixed with depression… it's all I know how to be… my entire childhood was just that, I was bullied for it too even by teachers. I come from a background where little is known about mental illness so even when I was little I mistook it for physical illness. When I was 10 I had a low point in my life and it got worse, doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, my family supported me, but my peers said I was a liar, they said I was making it up.. I grew older and learnt more about anxiety and , thirteen years later and I realised what the doctors couldn't diagnose.. I'm just so grateful for having a supportive family even when they couldn't understand.. I'm grateful for having religion back in my life because it's calmed me to pray five times a day. I'm grateful I can relate to people and not be oblivious to others suffering… but there's been many days I hate being this way…

  13. ianatc ianatc

    Is this accurate or helpful? I have anxiety but this is obviously exaggerated and written metaphorically but is that a helpful thing to do to explain to people what anxiety is really like? At my most extreme I sometimes have trouble breathing but I don't know that I'll ever describe my anxiety as "fire" and "broken white noise machine playing all sounds at once" and "bees sounds in my head". Not saying there's anything wrong with using metaphorical language but I feel these words + the video production and its style + the music only gives people false, produced ideas of what anxiety is like. Or maybe I'm wrong and other people with more severe forms of anxiety do feel all those things.

  14. Adam Maclada Adam Maclada

    it is very easy to be suspicious of your anxiety. you are pretty, you jog, well dressed, and well spoken. i.e. there isn't much there to allude to your anxiety. so maybe you should show your pain and your anxiety a little? i do it sometimes. not that it has helped me beating anxiety, but it has surely put me in a situation where i have tasted authenticity and naturalness, and therefore, a possible alternative to faking it in public. living a lie all the time is a sure way to exacerbate the level of your anxiety.


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