What Is a Mood Disorder? | Mood Disorders


  1. Corlesis Corlesis

    Depression is not a disease that needs treatment. All human beings feel depressed this is part of life.

  2. Stefanius Paralvicius Stefanius Paralvicius

    here's several tips to try
    Find the reasons why you suffer from depression – the first step to solving a problem is understanding why you have it.
    Be at ease with yourself – this makes it easier
    Challenge youself – you will feel better by doing things – especially by doing activities which push your boundaries.
    (I discovered these and more ideas from Martos magic method site )

  3. happy me happy me

    some days I wake up feeling happy or sad or anxious or just scared. it happens multiple times during the day but it happens mostly when I wake up and when I think why I am feeling that way I have no answer 🙁

  4. Joshua X Joshua X

    I guess I'm not the only one

  5. Tyra Robinson Tyra Robinson

    I have 2 mood disorders ughhhh

  6. sherocks54 sherocks54

    I have mood disorder it sucksss

  7. AeroVortex - I like clash of clans! AeroVortex - I like clash of clans!

    I still don't get it


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