1. SkySim SkySim

    I have all 10 of those symptoms and the worst part of it is that I can't explain it and all I feel like I can do is look happy and say I'm fine over and over agin and after a while everyone will believe me…

  2. Maryam A. Maryam A.

    Real depression is not just feeling bad for something that happened or out of boredom, instead it hinders every aspect of your life and makes you unable to feel good even after you do things that u usually used to enjoy, sometimes even leading you to not being your self and not being able to change it. I love how they acknowledged that You shouldn't tell a actually depressed person that you've been through hard times and trying to compare your self to him/her. I hope more people would know about depression and I wish I had the guts to actually seek help for my condition.

  3. fuki yuki fuki yuki

    i've had depression for 5 years straight and once my parents found out they just laughed at it and even though i still have it they don't even do anything to help me. My grades are going lower, im eating less, im sleeping more and so on and their just calling me lazy and sometimes they call me retarded.yeah, i know it may sound stupid

  4. P3 Hendry P3 Hendry

    I think I have too, can I cure it by myself? I'm so hopeless

  5. Sweatshoptoast Sweatshoptoast

    Wow comments aren't blocked

  6. Emby Night Emby Night

    I want to die I want to die I really just want to die, but I´ve got two younger sisters to look out for and I could never leave them. however that doesn´t change the fact that I really want to die.

  7. spycer batista spycer batista

    i have all of these but i dont want to trouble my family. im 14

  8. Saul Moses Saul Moses

    My wife probably saved my life

    She gave me love, happiness, helped with money, tought me new things, discussed personal things with me but the sad thing is, is that not everyone is loved by one like me. I am truly greatful for my life, I can not express my self

  9. kay nielsen kay nielsen

    what if you fell like you want to kill youself

  10. 珍太郎今永 珍太郎今永

    I have depression of Crohn’s disease


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