What is going on with my NURSING CAREER?



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        love ya positive vibe, keep it up!

        • avatar Nadine Fiorito 1

          Ashley This was so motivating and I appreciate all your encouraging words! Just submitted my masters program application (child and adolescent psychology) after putting it off for a year or so after graduation. I was so concerned with creating more debt I was willing to just forget about it. In the end I was able to develop the mindset that you did as well it's time to take risks and it is truly what I want. At 23 there's so much to accomplish and I don't want any regrets either. You said it perfectly and hearing it from another person helps ease some of the stress! Thank you love following your fitness and real life adventures so refreshing to see! Thanks Ashley! Looking forward to see how your future unfolds too :) always wishing you the best

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            Im New 😊, Nice videos💚, which editing software do you use btws ?

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              You are so corny

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                Wow I'm shocked at all the comments knocking the nursing profession and discouraging Ashley to continue in the field.
                Nursing is not for everyone but it is amazing and rewarding if it is for you. The best part about nursing is that you can usually work in any specialty you want to after you get a degree. And all specialties are sooo different and there's so many. You have to find the best specialty for you. Children, elderly, cancer…omg the list goes on. Find what you love and you'll never work ever again💙

                • avatar Amber 1

                  I used the Kaplan book to study for the NCLEX. I went through the whole book, cover to cover. Finished my NCLEX in just 75 questions and passed! Kaplan is awesome! There were some of the exact questions on my test that were in the book.

                  • avatar Janet Rose 1

                    I'm not a nurse or going after a nursing degree but what I feel is that you should probably go for your test ASAP so everything is still fresh in your mind, AND THEN take your break after. Then you will be a registered nurse. If you wait too long to do anything after your degree, most likely you will forget.

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                      Let's play ball Ashley!! : )

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                        I been working on my split for around a year now becus about 8 years ago I learned to dance and I ended up loving dancing and now I am trying to do the jazz splits or like how Prince would do the splits. I can put my legs up to my ear level now