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    nice video (120/80 is normal) (contraction) systolic take num (120) if you go over it then u have hypertension* ( relaxation ) diastolic (80) if you go over it then you gat hypertension … a second point is prehypertension which is (120-139)systolic —-(80-89)diastolic Stage 1 (140-159 ) systolic (80 -89 )diastolic Stage 2 -greater than 160 and 100 — correct if wrong thnks

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  11. khanacademymedicine khanacademymedicine

    Very low values like 60/40 are not normal for an adult, but for the purposes of this video we would say that this person does not have hypertension (albeit they may have a different problem – abnormally low blood pressure).

  12. Bartosz Jagielski Bartosz Jagielski

    for example 60/40 is normal?

  13. Bartosz Jagielski Bartosz Jagielski

    i can't understand 120/80 is pre hipertansion?

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    Absolutely, check out all of the playlists if you have time and let me know if there are videos you'd like to see me make.

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