1. Penny K Penny K

    I have ms. Don't really care. Maybe it will paralyse me. Maybe it won't. I don't give an f, I'll live my life and ms can suck it.

  2. comedyplanofficalTM comedyplanofficalTM

    I am a 21 year old with RMS. I suffer massive exasorbations and usually 1-2 years without one. Steroid treatments have only made my vision worse, and I need to use a walking cane for regular activities like shopping. This disease needs to be taken much more seriously, and recognized by the public. My specialist wanted to start me on a drug called Lamtrada, a drug that eliminates the immune system in one 5 day infusion the first year, and a 3 day infusion the next year with a 4 year monitoring period afterwards. The problem? It costs 300,000$ and no insurance companies will cover that. Health care in the American plutocracy doesn't help sufferers of MS.

  3. Lizzie Lizzie

    My dad has MS and goes to oxygen therapy which really helps him. It's just a shame that it isn't on the NHS. The irony is that my dad has a friend that lives in Gibraltar which who owns a therapy centre who gets support from the government- the UK owns Gibraltar.

  4. waltonwayaugusta waltonwayaugusta


  5. bankai27 On Ps4 bankai27 On Ps4

    I was diagnosed with it almost 10 days ago still have about a week before I start occupational therapy and get started on treatment..

  6. Lugmillord Lugmillord

    Looking at the comments, many people who watch this video seem to have MS themselves. Of course, they are more likely to comment on a video like this, so I wonder how many "new" people it actually reached.

    …no, I'm sadly not one of these either.

  7. Sarah Lafreniere Sarah Lafreniere

    I just recently learned that my mom suffers from MS and refuses to take the medication for it as it is very expensive and the side effects are horrible. I was wondering if there was anything she could do (diet, exercise, etc) to help slow down the disease

  8. Miss. Phyllis  Renee Foster Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster

    thank you for this video i've hered of m.s. but never new what the disease meant, I pray i don't have this, some days my body don't feel strong like doing any thing, I pray I don't have this, an I also pray for all those that do have it, thank you for the education teaching thank you.

  9. Sky Patterson Sky Patterson

    Thank you for making this. My mom has MS and is paralyzed from the neck down. Thank you for bring awareness to this disease!

  10. Eve Cinnamond Eve Cinnamond

    Me and my friend are doing a charity walk to raise money for MS

  11. Lovely Sleepy Flower Child Lovely Sleepy Flower Child

    Hello! I have spina bifida, which is somewhat similar to sclerosis. I would really appreciate if you guys did a video about it. Thank you!

  12. Meliah Rose Dawson Meliah Rose Dawson


    Hey yall! I'm trying to raise money for THE National MS Society towards finding a cure, so help us raise $1,000 by the end of April! My mom has MS, so this means so much to me and my family. She just got out of the hospital yesterday with 2 more fresh scars unfortunately 😢 Although, it made the fundraiser that much more important to me. Thanks guys!

  13. Auden0 Auden0

    I have MS and I'm 19 🙁


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