1. EspeAsmr Whispers EspeAsmr Whispers

    Feel free to watch my videos about this subject. 💖💖

  2. Alexandria Clark Alexandria Clark

    none of these videos ever talk about over eating, which is an eating disorder too

  3. Betty Betty

    to anyone who thinks developing an eating disorder will help you; it won't. trust me. all that crying, puking, binging and fasting is not good for you. the burning in your throat for puking too much, your breath beginning to smell bad no matter what you do, your teeth getting yellow, sticking fingers down your throat is NOT worth it, it's not the solution. it's not worth all that pain.

  4. Fanti Fant Fanti Fant

    Very honest….

  5. Zelzar Monofia Zelzar Monofia

    Thank you for this because it has inspired me to tell someone about my anorexia

  6. EfflorescentMermaid EfflorescentMermaid

    I don't know if anyone was moved by this as much as I was… Maybe its because of my hormonal imbalance rn but as soon as the "are you OK" part came on someone snuck a bowl of onions near me n the waterfalls began.. All jokes aside ED are a scary cycle that seems never ending, no matter which one you have and no one knows what goes on inside your head as its mostly a mental thing that's affects you physically. This was absolutely beautiful, love it.Also love that its not focused mainly on females either, as males can have EDs too

  7. ExuberantKnack ExuberantKnack

    What about bigorexia? It's way more interesting and never mentioned anywhere.

  8. Michelle Ponce Michelle Ponce

    0:00 to 0:35 is too close to me. Today i ran a mile did 100 crunches and 60 squats and all i heard myself say was " this is not good! MORE MORE! YOU ARE FAT "

  9. Savannah Murphy Savannah Murphy

    to the people saying that there are other eating disorders besides anorexia and bulimia: this is one persons experience battling an eating disorder. If you want more videos on the other eating disorders, make some! Or do some searching, because they exist. Just because this video is about anorexia, doesn't mean that every video is about anorexia. It's just common.

  10. Libby Shores Libby Shores

    The moment you realize this makes you want to starve yourself or puke up your dinner even more than you already are, is the moment you realize you truly don't know the meaning of happiness.

  11. Devan Greenlee Devan Greenlee

    Dose anyone know who wrote this poem? And what is the title?

  12. Moo Lights Moo Lights

    Diagnosed with anorexia today 🙁


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