1. Viandre Hunter Viandre Hunter

    I love your videos you just got a new subscriber

  2. christienb Brooks christienb Brooks

    Thank you for doing these videos!

  3. gnarlykat gnarlykat

    These videos have inspired me to get help. After so many years of people telling me that depression and anxiety are only temporary, I know they are not. My parents tell me it's a phase, but if it's a phase then why have I been this way for 5 years? Thank you so much for helping me realize that I need to get help.

  4. Roisin O' Carroll Roisin O' Carroll

    Are you aloud your phone in the hospital

  5. Łęłą Çłįfførđ Įş Ą Fąn Łęłą Çłįfførđ Įş Ą Fąn

    my best friend just got sent off an hour ago. I texted her. When she stopped replying I knew she was there. She's in for depression and an eating disorder. Her mom thought it was best. she tried killing herself on Monday and told her counselor who told her mom. She expects to be in there for more than 30 days. She's my only friend and I have no idea what I'm going to do without her.

  6. Vincent King Vincent King

    I love what you're doing we need to be able to share these types of these. Thank you.

  7. Elli Lizabeth roosimägi Elli Lizabeth roosimägi

    I am in a mental hospital and i have been here for four weeks and i have panic attacks and it's The worst…

  8. Shaely Spilker Shaely Spilker

    Thank you.

  9. F.F Besties F.F Besties

    You are strong, gorgeous, beautiful, inspiring and powerful, just remember that x

  10. G. Shakira G. Shakira

    I have a mental disorder as well… I got diagnosed 2 years ago I think…
    I got diagnosed with Anxiety and it's the hardest. I might have a little bit of depression but not a lot. you are very brave for talking about this stuff! you are my new favorite YouTuber! I am new to ur channel btw. ❤❤

  11. maddie Baird maddie Baird

    Words can't explain how much I needed this vide. Honest.

  12. Kieren Cassidy Kieren Cassidy

    I always wanted to die first day when I was born

  13. Kieren Cassidy Kieren Cassidy

    my birth dad committed suicide I feel like doing the same

  14. David Scott David Scott

    mental hospital? Is that like 'brain gym' ?

  15. Sammie Wilson Sammie Wilson

    Can u go to a mental hospital if u cut? I want to tell someone, but I really want to know this first.

  16. aesthetic bellarke aesthetic bellarke

    Im not sure if I have social anxiety or what, but it's really hard for me to talk to people over the phone or to make calls with people, when someone picks up the phone I just freeze and hang up. I had an interview a bit ago and the whole time I kept stuttering and freezing during it. I've also had depression for 2 and a half years now and just recently (maybe 3 months ago) I have become suicidal. I cut worthless into my thigh and I cut almost every day. the longest I've went without cutting is a week. it's hard for me to not cut when I'm upset. I've wanted to seek help, but many people have said therapy doesn't work. I have a good life and I love my family and friends, but I don't know why I still cut or why I'm always upset

  17. Hannah Simpson Hannah Simpson

    Why did she go to a mental hospital? Ik she has mental illnesses but what are they again?


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