What Meditation Has Done For Me? Meditation – It Just Wasn’t For Me?

I was 18 and having a hard go of life. Nothing seemed to work out and everything was a struggle and then my mother turned to me one day and said I should try meditating. I turned to her and sarcastically laughed! I saw no use in this ridiculous practice and she looked rather silly sitting in a quiet spot of house with her eyes closed. I had better things to do with my time and so it took years before I took up the practice!
My Misconception about Meditation
I used to think meditation was for freaks and whenever I saw it being shown on a television show or movie, the actor or actors meditating were usually some strange, weird, hippy, kind of people who seemed to be, well, ‘out to Mars’. On the same token I used to think meditation was a religious practice. Being of Indian decent, I used to always hear our Indian priests encouraging meditation. Why and what for, I didn’t bother asking, nor did I care to. Sitting in silence for fifteen minutes or up to an hour seemed like a bunch of nonsense to me. None-the-less, I would sit there and nod my head respectfully in agreement, as if to say I was going to meditate.

It became even more distasteful when I was advised to meditate between the hours of five to seven am. What on earth was I going to accomplish sitting silently in the morning for when I could be doing something better, like sleeping! Did these people realize how important my sleep was, and I was supposed to break my sleep to sit in silence? “They must be out of their minds!” I used to think. How Meditation Changed My Life! Now, meditation for me is just as important as eating and drinking to stay alive and I don’t do it between the hours of five to seven am. I do it every day in the time most convenient for me. When I don’t meditate, I feel out of sorts and I’ll explain why. In the last few months I haven’t been meditating regularly and it’s affected my whole life. It’s difficult getting rid of the insane mind chatter. You know what I’m talking about?

It’s when your mind can’t settle down and just about everything races through it. It’s the worst at bedtime, which makes it impossible to sleep. Then there’s the inability to deal with stress. Dealing with stresses, with a mind that’s racing and unsettled while being tired and moody, never has a happy ending. Before my meditation practice I loved self medicating with alcohol and prescription medication, which validated my problems but thankfully that’s no longer necessary. Everything slowly starts to fall out of order. Nothing seems to gel or work out smoothly and for me it’s one of the most frustrating things ever. I start to lose focus of my goals or intentions and I get overwhelmed and negative. The state of unawareness quickly seeps in and pretty soon it feels like you’re on auto Pilate to nowhere. Magically once I start meditating things start very quickly working out. I guess it’s because the mind slows down which makes you more aware of opportunities or situations you might have missed before, which in turn makes it easier to make decisive decisions.

This causes less stress which makes it’s easier to accomplish more. I still find it amazing how a silly, stupid little exercise like meditation can impact my life, an exercise I originally thought was not for me. I would laugh when people told me to meditate. Little did I know just how powerful this silly little practice called meditation could be. How Meditation Changed My Life! Now, meditation for me is just as important as eating and drinking to stay alive and I don’t do it between the hours of five to seven am.

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