What Powerful Meditation Techniques Can I Use?

How can you carry out powerful meditation techniques? The ones that really help you create inner peace and a serene atmosphere? There is an abundance of techniques that can help you calm your mind and many of them are very simple. Meditating for merely a few minutes can ease tension and reduce stress.

Powerful meditation techniques range from straightforward breathing exercises to more advanced methods using music, candles and incense as tools for deeper reflection. There are a few techniques that may be familiar to you however there is an abundance of techniques that you may not be accustomed to.

Many know the benefits of meditation but it is also good to know the history. This practice is thousands of years old and there are different forms, such as Bodhidarma, Hinduism and Islam Meditation. Those who do know more about meditation will know that it is meant to open and balance your seven chakras.

So by now you are probably what powerful meditation technique you can use. If you are new to meditation, there are a few simple techniques you can do. If you are more advanced, there is also a wide range. It is important to remember that meditating incorrectly can result in an imbalance.

Breathing slowly is a very well known meditation method. Sit down in a quiet room and close your eyes. Breathe naturally and concentrate on your breathing. Start counting after a few breaths. When you breathe in, count one. When you breathe out, count two. Carry on until you feel calm and relaxed. Should you feel your mind wondering, stop and start again. If you feel yourself trying to control your breathing, stop and start over.

Another form of meditation is visualization. Begin in the same manner as above. Breathe in and out. Then begin imagining positive energy pouring in every time you inhale and negative energy rushing out with every exhale. When you begin to feel relaxed, imagine a scene that brings you more peace. Stay in that scene for as long as you like. When you feel you are ready to carry on with your day, slowly leave the scene, keep breathing. Open your eyes slowly and enjoy your surroundings.

If you feel you could become serious about meditation, it would be sensible to buy a book or look on the internet for more information and more techniques. That way you will not be limited by just two examples. You then be able to make meditation an everyday feature in your life.

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