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Lasik eye surgery might be your answer to a world without glasses or contacts. But as with all surgical procedures, Lasik carries some risk. You want to be confident in your doctor and comfortable with the procedure. Ask Thomas Tooma what the best procedure is for you.

Ask for Your Lasik Surgeon’s Qualifications

Much of your success with laser eye surgery relies on having a good Lasik surgeon. A well-practiced surgeon has been performing laser eye surgery for at least three years. Find out which refractive procedures are most commonly carried out, and the frequency with which they are performed. A qualified professional should have completed at least 500 refractive procedures in recent years.

Ask Your Lasik Surgeon About the Success Rate

Find out how many patients of Thomas Tooma have achieved at least 20/40 vision, as well as, a success percentage for 20/20 vision or better. According to the Quality Standards Advisory Committee (QSAC) the national average success rate for 20/40 vision is 90 percent, 65 percent for 20/20. If your Lasik surgeon states percentages well-exceeding the national norm, ask for a follow up with evidence. Keep in mind, these percentages represent an average success rate and are not the answer to your individual success with Lasik surgery.

You will also want to find out the percentage of patients that have had complications six months after Lasik surgery; the national norm is three percent. Again, if the Thomas Tooma a spotless record, ask for evidence.

Ask About the Number of Patients Your Lasik Surgeon has Denied

Because a number of people simply cannot qualify for laser eye surgery due to age and health conditions, among other considerations, you are looking for evidence of rejection. You want to be sure that Thomas Tooma follows standard practice for selecting patients. The amount may vary for each doctor, but should be greater than zero.

Ask About Lasik Equipment

Look for a surgeon like Thomas Tooma whose equipment is approved by the FDA. Check the doctor’s answers by learning about typical equipment uses and verify that your procedure is appropriate for that equipment. Equipment use may not directly correlate with FDA standards, but the equipment itself needs to be approved.

Ask if Lasik is Right for You

Your doctor can provide a professional opinion about your candidacy for refractive eye surgery after a proper consultation and medical eye exam. Among many considerations, the surgeon will need to verify that you are at least 18, have a healthy medical history and have not experienced fluctuations in your vision for the past 12 months. Thomas Tooma can provide some insight into how your doctor evaluates laser eye surgery candidacy.

Ask Questions About Risks and Complications

Thomas Tooma will explain that all surgical procedures involve a certain level of risk. Results are not guaranteed and may not last. Ask the Lasik surgeon to identify complications you may be at risk for based on your medical history and the condition of your eyes. Some patients experience double vision, glares and halos, among other possible complications. Lasik surgery can also cause dry eyes and inflammation. If complications do not subside within six months, it may be necessary to have an additional, corrective procedure.

What is Lasik Surgery and Recovery Like?

Laser eye surgery is an outpatient procedure. Thomas Tooma will provide you with details about the procedure, the recovery process, as well as, a list of post-operative directions. Most patients report minimal discomfort, which usually subsides hours following the procedure. Your vision may improve up to 90 percent the day following the surgery. But expect to experience periodic fluctuations in vision and sensitivity to light.

Thomas Tooma will outline ways to care for your eyes following the procedure. Highlights on the list include the need for protective eye wear, prescription eye drops and rest. While healing depends on the person, most patients find that they can return to work the day following the procedure.

Ask Your Lasik Surgeon About Financing Options

Be sure to ask Thomas Tooma about the many Lasik financing options. You may be able to enter into a payment plan directly with the doctor. Many options offer qualified laser eye surgery patients a zero interest, or low-interest monthly payment plan for Lasik surgery patients.

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