Which Depression Treatment Is Right For You?

Depression is a common psychological illness in the United States with around 9.5 percent of the population suffering from it some time during their lives. Unfortunately only about half of those people ever seek treatment for their depression symptoms which can become a burden for not only its sufferers but also to those close to them.

Depression is a complex illness that requires substantial intervention by a psychiatrist or psychologist to cure. In addition to consistent counseling prescription medication is also an option in the fight against depression. While the cost of counseling and medication can be prohibitive the cost of not obtaining treatment for depression can have far worse ramifications.

Depression is a serious illness that disrupts the life of its sufferers and their loved ones. Daily life becomes a struggle for those afflicted and can get to the point where the depressed begins to hate not only themselves but everything around them, creating a mental environment where death can seem like the only way out. For family and friends watching someone they care about slowly sink into the pit of depression can be extremely frustrating and painful. The good thing is that anyone suffering from depression can be helped and live a long and normal life, but to do that they have to seek help and have the love and support of friends and family.

Finding the right depression treatment begins with acknowledging that there is a problem to begin with. Once the sufferer is honest with themselves about their condition the next steps are much easier and the road to treating and curing the depression will be much easier to navigate.

The first step for anyone suffering from depression is to make an appointment to see a psychiatrist or psychologist who can further evaluate the situation. Sometimes it's easier for someone with depression to visit their personal physician who can recommend a good counselor. Once the initial assessment is made the treatment can be tailored to the individual's needs and symptoms.

Psychotherapy is the most popular form of depression treatment and when combined with anti-depressant drugs has the highest recovery rate. Psychotherapy involves therapy sessions that can last for just about any length of time. It is totally dependent upon the patient and the therapist to decide when the treatment has been successful. The great thing about psychotherapy is it allows the patient to open up and talk about anything and everything which will lead to the reasons they are depressed. This allows the therapist to talk the patient through their feelings and how to best deal with the situations that have caused the depression.

Anti-depressant drugs are very popular these days, mainly because they can help lift a person from their depression much quicker than just going to therapy sessions. When used in conjunction with therapy the success rate for overcoming depression is very high. These anti-depressant drugs allows the depression sufferer to more easily get back out into society and feel good about themselves while attending the therapy sessions get to the root of the depression and how to deal with it on a long term basis.

Andrew Bicknell is a writer and the owner of Depression and You.com. Visit his website for more information about depression treatments and other depression disorders.


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