1. Andii Neushul Andii Neushul

    I never understood medicinal commercials. Are they expecting me to watch it and be all 'hey that looks neat, I can't wait for my next heart attack!'

  2. feralshad0w feralshad0w

    just to be fair, it isn't that complicated. there simply isn't any real negotiation. we are all literally just getting ripped off in a giant price fixing scheme. the cost of your life and your week being is literally however much money you can get your hands on in this country.

  3. Hugo Zam Hugo Zam

    Yup these Doctors are charging a shit load for for the procedures, Its Crazy like thousands for something simple

  4. Sarah Hess Sarah Hess

    American is also overrun doctors and pharmacies that are extremely dangerous and corrupt resulting in even more health conditions, maiming's ,diseases and deaths. Overcharged and unsafe.

  5. lissy s lissy s

    wait when did this one replace the giraffe sex vid as most popular D:


    US healthcare sounds like shit.
    Feel sorry for you guys.

  7. Julia Lopez Julia Lopez

    ehh why they don't have a universal sistem of healthcare?

  8. MrVikas07 MrVikas07

    Its because US people fear a lot.

  9. Mike Jenkins Mike Jenkins

    I wish hospitals were like car garages. You go to the hospital and they tell you the cost of diagnosis before doing anything. You accept it or not. If you decide to go through with the diagnosis you get the diagnosis and afterwards you get a root cause of your problem. Then you get a cost for any procedure to fix the root cause before done so you can decide if you want it done or not. I wish the cost would be up front before any action done. Face it, doctors, administrators, nurses, technicians all are providing a service, and that service cost can be given up front.

  10. Monika Wheeler Monika Wheeler

    Healthcare in America is scary, and going to the doctor could be a death sentence. Everything costs too much.

  11. Joshua Paiz Joshua Paiz

    Who is this Hank you speak of?

  12. Anon Frank Anon Frank

    The Doctor called Mrs. Cohen saying, "Mrs. Cohen, your check came back." Mrs. Cohen answered, "So did my arthritis!"

    "Doctor, my leg hurts. What can I do?" The doctor says, "Limp!"

    The patient says, "Doctor, it hurts when I do this." "Then don't do that!"

    A man goes to a psychiatrist. "Nobody listens to me!" The doctor says, "Next!"

    " a patient drops dead right between the doorway while exiting the doctors waiting room. the secretary and nurse come rushing into his office: Doctor, Doctor, the man you gave a clean bill of health to died while exiting the waiting room !!!! Doctor says : ah…turn his body around to make it look like he was coming in."

    Doctor says to a man, "You're pregnant!" The man says, "How does a man get pregnant?" The doctor says, "The usual way – a little wine, a little dinner…."

    "Doctor, I have a ringing in my ears." doctor says "Don't answer!"

    patient calls doctor. doctor you said i had 6 months to live and this is my last day of life. I'v only paid a quarter of the bill so far. doctor : you got another six months to live.

    Doctor : disrobe, open the window and stick your tongue and butt outside as far as you can. patient : wtf, does that diagnose ? Doctor: i'm mad at my neighbor.

    My doctor grabbed me by the wallet and said, "Cough!"


    all jokes herein are by the late great comedian Henny Youngman

  13. Anon Frank Anon Frank

    one of the important reasons US "healthcare" is so expensive is that the costs are based on speculative market prices. Healthcare should be based on real cost . Another is the obscene military budget which takes up more than half of the US government budget.

  14. Evy Cory Evy Cory

    You need groceries! Bad argument. Hong Kong is at about 6% of GDP with longest longevity by a recent study. It ranks NUMBER ONE is economic freedom indexes and has a small and simple government with low taxes. The problem is complex but that's exactly why complex answers don't work. It's basic engineering principles.

  15. R. B. R. B.

    We need SINGLE PAYER!
    American taxpayers already pay enough to fund national health insurance. We just don't get it.
    In 2015, Americans paid $2.1 trillion in taxes to fund health care – $6,560 per person. That's more per capita than Canadians or people in any other nation pay. Indeed, our tax-financed health-care bill is higher than total health spending (private as well as public) in any other nation except Switzerland.
    The U.S. system is fragmented and inefficient and more expensive.
    We could be more economically competitive with other countries —businesses would not have to manage and administer and pay health insurance for their employees. Doctors and hospitals would not have to spend enormous amounts trying to collect form insurance companies and patients. Patients would be freer to get preventative care which costs less
    The healthcareindustrialpharmaceutical complex spends millions and millions on lobbying representatives in states and federal offices. Why? not for the public's best interest.
    Follow the money.


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