Why Exercise on a Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are standard nowadays but having a recumbent exercise bicycle is pretty rare so what’s the point?

Why would somebody who wants to keep fit get a recumbent exercise machine and not an ordinary exercise bike?

Let’s start with explaining what a recumbent bicycle is. The word, “recumbent” means “reclining” and sometimes these exercise machines are called reclining exercise bikes.

The first time you try one of these bikes it feels unusual.

And that’s fine since most of us find bike saddles horribly uncomfortable anyhow. With a recumbent bike you sit in a comfortable seat – it is a bucket seat like lots of sports cars.

In a recumbent bike you notice that the peddles are a little higher than usual and you find that you are seated in a comfortable seat with your feet up.

Stands to reason that recumbent exercise bikes are gaining popularity.

Because the seat has a back it looks after your back. Even after working out for an hour people report no back or butt pain.

Like other exercise machines there is a computer console. The display shows heart rate or pulse rate and calories burned and depending on the model many other readouts too.

While cycling on a recumbent you can listen to music, watch TV or catch up on your reading.

As you get stronger and build up stamina you can raise the setting or resistance level.

As you get stronger and build up stamina you can raise the setting or resistance level. Because the seat is so comfortable and the resistance levels are easy to customize people get very good results.

Many elderly or frail people find that they can use a recumbent exercise bike on a low resistance setting.

People recovering from back or hip surgery have been advised to use recumbents to help their recovery.

Even fit athletes and sports teams can get all the challenge they need by using the high settings on the recumbent.

So if you want to get fit or just lose some weight a recumbent exercise bike may be just what you were looking for.

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