Why Heart Disease in Women is even More Dangerous than in Men!

Both men and women can develop common heart problems. But heart disease in women can be much more dangerous according to researchers.

With this information, we now know that both sexes need to practice heart healthy lifestyles. The good news is that these preventative techniques work equally for men and women.

You probably thought that common heart problems are mostly found in men. That is the premise for so many researches focusing on the male of the species. However, we now discover than the rules change when women reach their mid-sixties.

Men do, indeed, carry a larger risk factor for heart problems earlier in life. According to one study, though, that all evens out when women reach approximately age 65. In fact, hard as it might be to believe, the average woman of that age in the USA is more likely to die from heart disease than all the cancers combined! How much more likely? Between four and six times more likely!

Studies have shown that heart attacks from heart disease cause more deaths in woman than in men. This could be caused by woman not recognizing the symptoms which vary from those typical for men, delaying diagnosis and treatment, having smaller vessels or being more susceptible to damage. Given the lower survival rate for women after a heart attack, additional research is necessary to determine the cause and find solutions.

Smoking is bad for both men and women. But the risk for heart disease in women is much greater for the woman who smokes, especially if she is using birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy. A family history of heart disease also increases the risk factor proportinately higher in women.

Heart medications may become necessary if diet is not enough to lower your cholestrol and blood pressure. This should be talked over with your doctor. One thing is clear, maintaining healthy levels of blood pressure and cholesterol are imperative.

Heart problems. Strokes. Diabetes. All of these are products of being overweight and eating a wrong diet. Make certain you exercise regularly and eat a heart healthy diet such as the Mediterranean diet.

At least three times a week spend a minimum of twenty minutes doing healthy aerobic exercises. Bicycle riding, walking or swimming will raise your heart rate and cause you to break into a sweat. This will greatly reduce your stress and also contribute to your general health and a healthy heart.

Ladies! Now is the time to take action. You can take these four steps to avoid the signs of heart disease in women without surgery and without medications.

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