1. Maria Oliva Maria Oliva

    What classes did you take in college when you graduated high school in order to become who you are

  2. Beep Boop Beep Boop

    How does one become a holistic nutrition?

  3. Tzip Sonnenschein Tzip Sonnenschein

    U look like the olsen twins

  4. Lydia Lydia

    Hey girl! Great video!! 👍I have a ton of questions that I'm having trouble finding answers for online. Was your program a degree or certificate? I see it was in Canada, do you know of any online degree programs or maybe U.S. schools that offer this program? Would one be able to sit for the Registered Dietician exam with a degree in holistic nutrition? I've had my my mind set on being a RD but want to take a route that focuses on natural, plant-based, whole food education. Any help would be soooo appreciated! Keep doing what your doing!!! Killin' the holistic nutrition game! 🤘🤘🤘

  5. By Grace Beauty By Grace Beauty

    is it a certification or degree?

  6. withlovescarleny withlovescarleny

    Yay thats awesome! Congrats! Any tips on finding holistic nutrition certification courses?

  7. Kara Mcdaniel Kara Mcdaniel

    I wish I knew about holistic nutrition before I went to school for something else, I love this stuff! You are inspiring!

  8. abrea guerrero abrea guerrero

    what's a good school to attend go do personal dietition

  9. De Kay De Kay

    I'm registered to start Holistic Nutrition and I'm TERRIFIED!!! I quit everything when it gets tough… 🙁 Any tips….

  10. Sarah Quinn Sarah Quinn

    gym outfit ideas!!


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