1. Ahiruko Noumi Ahiruko Noumi

    I tell myself that I'm the one suffering so that someone else doesn't have to. That for every medical problem and every hour of agonizing pain that I suffer through, someone else is living a healthy life without even being able to fathom the kind of chronic pain I deal with.

    And that makes it easier for me. Thinking that I'm suffering instead of someone else having to really helps me sometimes. I rarely find myself thinking "why me?" but when I do, that thought process is what helps put me a little more at ease.

    I have Quiet BPD, but my main problems are with my general health. I have a constant kidney infection that hasn't completely gone away in about a year and half, because I grew up with every tooth being badly infected, to the point of getting them pulled at age 18. And all those years of bad infection and constant antibiotics has made me super resistant to them. So now my kidneys and lungs are infected and I've had Sepsis three times in the last year. There's more than that, but that's a very general rundown.

    Doctors don't believe me when I say I can't function because of the pain I'm always in, and my life has slowly fallen apart to the point where I'm in bed 22+ hours a day, I cough up blood daily, I faint, I have seizures, I have fevers of 102 or higher every day, I have no teeth and use a wheelchair because walking is painful– And I'm only 24.

    But this video was so sincere and beautiful, thank you. I've watched you since the beginning and I've rooted for you the whole way. You've never let me down, even when you let yourself down. Hang in there, man.

  2. Jason Sullivan Jason Sullivan

    awesome videos. Good job
    keep them coming

  3. raz ram raz ram

    I am in this state and wondering will I get better, thanks for sharing

  4. Milad Latif Milad Latif

    You give me life Noah. Thank you

  5. Nala Wyans Nala Wyans

    you are helping people. I'm a mom if 20 year old trying to keep her wanting to wake up the next day.

  6. MatronTheGamer MatronTheGamer

    i have it now and it sucks soo bad

  7. Gary Todd Gary Todd

    I have been using Hemp oil to treat my depression. It has helped a lot, along with physical exercise and a strong will. One day at a time. 🙂

  8. Darlene olivencia Darlene olivencia

    I been really down lately, watching your videos give me some sort of hope. I also had a mental breakdown three yrs ago, cold turkeys off benzos nobody. Not even my doctor told me I had to wean off them..I feel like I'm living a nightmare horrible anxiety,depression,bipolar..I just want to feel normal again 😳😜

  9. noway noway noway noway

    sorry to say it but i have to
    i didnt see one depressed guy who keep on going to the gym regularly and talkin in all videos freely as you do
    i dont think its depression
    may be simple schisophrenia
    or i dont know.

  10. Leila Békélé Leila Békélé

    At least 50 to 75% of mental illnesses come down to the breaking down of body health . Insideous desease take place and affect your mind insideously . Once i improved my diet i noticed a HUGE improvement in my mood .

  11. Greg Anderson Greg Anderson

    I feel like i'm in my own personal torture chamber. the drugs don't work either, nothing seems to work. I can't even function, going to school and work are out of the question. Depression is literally hell, It's a conscious torment.


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