1. Joy Keister Joy Keister

    I absolutely love this exercise routine! It's simply the best to get my body in shape and getting the cardio workout I need. Came on today to work out. I just did this routine just a few days about and I find it's been deleted! What a pity! I'm stressing about it being gone. Anyone have suggestions that one could workout with to replace this video?

  2. Josephine René Josephine René

    Gotta make both cheeks even. Lol!!!!

  3. Naomi Mcleod Naomi Mcleod

    love, love, love this work out, its serious!! My disc wasn't working in computer today thought I would try Youtube SUPER happy to see it up, just starting back at 56 after cancer/chemo. 20 minutes well spent, going to use it as a warm up before the pool as well. THANK YOU!

  4. Adam Reid Levine Adam Reid Levine

    Just banged this out for the first time in a million years. "Gotta make both cheeks even" still gets a little chuckle 🙂

  5. Miche Y Miche Y

    Imdid this back in early 2000 and i slayed…now im highly modified but im doing it again

  6. Sarah Davidson Sarah Davidson

    If anyone is curious about how many calories this workout burns, I tracked it on my Apple Watch and it said I burned 113 total calories, 86 of which were active calories. I skipped some of the parts where she was talking, but otherwise followed the exercise exactly. Hope this helps! 🙂

  7. SherydeWinter SherydeWinter

    Oh man I used to this almost every day about a decade ago. Thanks for the upload! <3

  8. Sarah Sarah

    i used to do this as a warm up before my ballet classes. i'm so glad to find it again. its the perfect mix of gentle and challenging.

  9. Mario Pantoja Mario Pantoja

    Dagny, c'mon!

  10. Wes Moses Wes Moses

    did this work out years ago for a month straight ad it definitely increased my core strength

  11. Ellie Y. Ellie Y.

    Mari was diagnosed with ALS and she needs your help – https://www.gofundme.com/mariwinsorneedsyoursupport

  12. Debbie Searle Debbie Searle

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I used to have it on dvd, but lost it. I've been wanting to use it again – lost lots of weight some years ago doing this regime and felt so great.

  13. Norma Cornejo Norma Cornejo

    I love this Pilates routine.
    I have known it for about 15 years
    I started again doing it daily for 20 days and the changes to my body are amazing. I love it!

  14. PV Donitsi PV Donitsi

    Still one of my favorite work out after all these years.

  15. Maria Torres Maria Torres

    I think I'm going back to Mary Winsor Pilates.


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