Women only- StrongHer Beats Dance Fitness Summer Party

Women only- StrongHer Beats Dance Fitness Summer Party
Event on 2017-07-12 18:15:00
Lyanne & Sam Co Founders of StrongHer invites every single woman this July to LET GO & NOT GIVE A DAMN with Strongher Beats! Learn how to let your inhibitions go, Enjoy getting fit and break out in a summer Ibiza sweat!  We will be Creating 45 mins of high energy, fun loving and friendly vibes and bringing you into our rapidly growing #stronghersquad STRONGHER BEATS IS BACK! Taking our Sassy Strongher Moves into the heart of Shoreditch for some Summer Shimmying & Shaking! Why is it you should join us this summer…because more women are getting in their heads about how they look…what they should do what they should eat or worse are afraid of starting something and making their fitness unenjoyable. With StrongHer its a complete No Judgement zone where we create supportive fun community for women to relax and let GO! With our easy to follow routines to some sing along summer anthems we aim to fill spitalfields with energy, laughs & a lot of ladies and yes it's suitable for EVERY WOMAN!! Dance like no-one is watching P.s we dont take ourselves too seriously!  Join the Summer StrongHer Beat. Lyanne & Sam Co Founders of StrongHer have over 22 years experience of being a self conscious women, 4 years working with women to rebuild self confidence through fitness and nutrition and building a community of over 70 women as a support network…have created StrongHer as they were fed up of women saying they couldn't do or didn't know how…but also they used to be these women. So who was going to help them take back control of themselves…THEMSELVES! But now they want to do that for every single woman out their and offer them the knowledge and support that they didn't receive. 

at Spitalfields Market
Horner Square
Whitechapel, United Kingdom

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