1. Your Name Your Name

    Sorry, I have been on Raw Food diets and Vegan Veg etc, was for many years… The girl who was breast feeding needs lot more then a bit more veggies and she was only able to do it for six more months ? I did it for three years, the more the better for the baby. There is a reason we (human females) went to meat in the first place….we needed the large amounts of iron and protein. From bleeding and making more muscle mass and bone when pregnant as well. I had a known a couple who was raising a baby …he went blind from mal-nutruition and sever growth retardation. And they ate supremely vegan/raw, making there own nut milks and growing veggies. So do be careful what you recomend dear. I was hospitalized and almost died because my body did not have the normal enzymes from meat (sorry if this offends the veggies) to fight this staff infection that was taking over my body from the inside out, the doctor asked me if I was on any strange diets…because my body was lacking the nessasary nutriants to fight the disease? I said yes I am a raw food vegan I actually lived with a macro-biotic vegan raw chef so I was getting the right amounts of foods,….The Doc said, "sorry but you have to eat a little red meat to make my body fight the staff infection." I was devastated to hear this, but started cooking my veggies and added some meat and herbs to my diet and healed myself. Whole foods, lightly steamed, organic non- processed, from the garden or farm is the best for most people. Not saying for everyone. But you have to know there are dangers to these fad diets…people havent been all "Raw" for thousands of years. We have evolved to adapt to our environment. Definately in the last few years we have been suffering from over processed foods and GMOs and preservatives. Just make sure we have lots of raw fruit and veggies and raw dairy, no pasturisation, so we get the natural enzymes and probiotics in our veggies and dairy, eat fermented foods etc, do fasts cleanses, and repair the damage and start with just good organic food, which is probibly why some people can do well on this Raw diet because they finally have the stuff we lost from over processing. But you can balance your diet, not too extreme just
    make sure its got the living foods too. You must test your blood frequently if you choose this raw diet. You can become severly emaciated loose too much weight and muscle, its not a "good" thing to loose your period and we can get other nutritional diseases if you are not careful. Love you all, happy healthy living to you! Do what works for your body, and be safe. I am glad you found what works for you.

  2. Mariam Mohammad Mariam Mohammad

    if I will eat a lot of fruits and vegetables will I loose weight or I have to eat less ? please response to this comment

  3. the holistic in me the holistic in me

    Great info! Thank you Kristina!

  4. Johhny Appleseed Johhny Appleseed

    Eat about 1 avocado per day and about half the meat of a coconut per day. Those healthy fats will be your best friend if you really do go raw vegan or even vegetarian for that matter. And drink Kombucha everyday. Listen to your body if you are on a healing journey.

  5. Ashtin Paulet Ashtin Paulet

    Could please due a video about raw veganism and thyroid disease

  6. immanuel withus immanuel withus

    I'm so crazy about you. Every time I have a question about raw food or veganism, you have a video that answers my question. Thank you so much, Kristina <3

  7. daylin gonzalez daylin gonzalez

    One of my concerns about having a full raw vegan diet is all the toxins and pesticides on these fruits and veggies. Is going organic the best solution? HELP

  8. ronnie og ronnie og

    why are these vegans always cissexist? do trans raw vegans not exist?

  9. Ferdinand Ries Ferdinand Ries

    These videos feel like cult propaganda

  10. Veronica Mazzolari Veronica Mazzolari

    i have problems with Hypophysis , and i have ake period , can i do however do it?

  11. LaToya Jones LaToya Jones

    I noticed after the first week of being raw I lost the stomach bloating…but I've been going back and forth between vegetarian and raw vegan. I'm changing my lifestyle so I know it will take a while. Do you have any advice on what to eat that will help smokers to quit?

  12. Gabriella Maroti Gabriella Maroti

    I love that you literally talk about everything that a woman can possibly be concerned with adapting to this lifestyle. I'm blazing through your videos just soaking it all in. I've been a vegan for 2 years, but just turned raw 2 weeks ago. I'm loving it!!

  13. Tania P F Tania P F

    What type of birth control would you recommend? Or what do you use, if you do ?

  14. Wholy Mary Wholy Mary

    IT is about how you feel, I notice I feel terrible the next day after eating any sweets but after eating banana smoothies for a couple of weeks I feel so much better, it is the Raw food and getting away from processed foods that make me feel better

  15. BusinessClassOnly BusinessClassOnly

    gee, you´re quite the know it all

  16. Fardwso Cadiweli Fardwso Cadiweli

    When I started raw i get period.


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