Women’s Issues: The Headscarf, Face Veil, & Women’s Attire | Dr. Shabir Ally



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      • avatar katsan88 1

        So the only reason women should cover is to deter men from getting sexually exited? Why not teach men that there is more to a woman than her physical body??? I am not a muslim, and I respect muslims. However, some of his reasonings are a little foreign to me.

        • avatar Nacho Libre 2

          Hijab as practiced today is based on a preislamic culture. Dr Shabir I wish you would address this topic. The women and the men would cover their heads since often times the homes didn't have roofs (nomadic areas), protection from sand storms, harshness sun. Christians, Jews, pagans all observed this regardless of religious belief. It was the clothing of the area. So when Allah said draw your khimar around you. He is talking to people in words they are familiar with. Notice he didn't say put on a khimar or something to that effect. Also the Niqab is absolutely not part of Islamic tradition.

          • avatar Polly Phemus 0

            I am utterly repelled by this. It is 2017 and we are in the West. This debate is not fit for adult, modern people.

            • avatar Chris D 1

              It doesn't matter if it's the Pope, or Westboro, or Islam. Religious fundamentalism is poison to modern culture.

              • avatar hamed100 1

                Can some one please shut some women like Ayan Hirsi Ali and few others who go on ranting their lies against Islam, claiming that Islam teaches FGM. I am from East Africa and I know that FGM is an African culture practised by almost all Christian African tribes. Somali being Muslims also practise this. Ayan has been mutilated not by teaching of Islam but by her own Somali culture.