Womens Rights Current Global Issues Video Presentation

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  1. underswap sans_lover underswap sans_lover

    guy needs us girls with out us they wouldn't be here right now
    also if boy didn't exist there still is another way us female can reproduce there are pill female can take to get pregnant so……….yeah stop harassing us guys

  2. sorath wadho sorath wadho

    my message to u all women is tht k plz don't express ur sentiments nd u will differentiate urslf from male then definitely the men will put u down… show them tht u r strong enough to b listened, respected nd more above u r stronger than u think…. be independent 🙂

  3. Teresa van Lieshout Teresa van Lieshout

    The worlds women need to abort male embryos for 30 years; that will eradicate rapist and murderous men from this world for 1 generation.

  4. ash unknown ash unknown

    in us there women rights and most country have rights. ok but what women now it seems they want be ahead of men ???.men has given women too much rights till time women will be dominance and men will slave. not all effected sweden is doing now and but usa is in control now momment trump is elected he will make it right and bring traditional marriaige and ban abortion.serious give too much face to women rights and if not in control one day all men going to be under women not all men cause islam will never accept feminism and they cannot touch it.

  5. Jakob Emil Pedersen Jakob Emil Pedersen

    All these facts are pulled out of someones ass btw.

  6. mayaXOXO mayaXOXO

    honestly why is there a word called equality why does it even exist if women are not human beings its not the cleaning its not the cooking its not the periods and its not giving birth, its how women are being treated like they are not a fucking toy you play with get bored of it and then throw it away they are something that god created and you know what MEN if women didn't exist how would you be doing huh? no one will your sandwhiches who would clean after you lazy ass who would be punished for cheating instead of you and who would be raped in the streets and who would be the toy that you play with and throw away who? and since you strong men consider women as the "weak" gender why cant you be punished for cheating why cant you deal with periods why cant you deal with all the pain a women feels thats right you cant because your so used to having everything handed over to you that you forgot about women rights and thats why i dont have faith in humanity and that is also why i will never have faith in it and that is why men should really be thankful for the gift of females or else you would be NOTHING so take time to appreciate females

  7. Psychoriginal ! Psychoriginal !

    This was so cynical.

  8. Cromlech Thulcandra Cromlech Thulcandra

    Women : Nature´s punching bag

  9. Feminists Did 9/11 Feminists Did 9/11

    I'm dying 😂👌🏻👌🏻💯

  10. Dylan Bolmanskie Dylan Bolmanskie

    Fun fact: If a woman ever pulls out a knife on you just bring out some bread eventually her female instincts will take over and she will make you a sandwich

  11. North,south,east,west Atlanta Plug North,south,east,west Atlanta Plug

    a free women in the sense of can do what ever she wAnts to regrauldless of her sexuality is a recipe for disaster , giving to much freedom to a women can turn her into a women like the so called liberated women of the western society the women who think showing tits thru a see through shirt is OK or having sex with multiple ppl like savages is liberating, the while thing about this women's rights is just so women can be whores and get away with it.


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