Workshop by Former SEC Inspector General: How to Conduct Internal Fraud Investigations & Effective Reporting (COM)

Workshop by Former SEC Inspector General: How to Conduct Internal Fraud Investigations & Effective Reporting (COM)
Event on 2017-08-03 08:30:00
This course provides specific and concrete instruction on how to prepare for, conduct and write up the results of internal fraud investigations and present an effective report. The course will also provide guidance on gathering evidence in an investigation and describe strategies for interviewing different types of witnesses. Filled with comprehensive case studies and numerous mock exercises, this course provides hands-on instruction and exercise on how to improve evidence gathering and investigating skills. Learning Objectives: Realistic and comprehensive instruction on how to prepare for an internal fraud investigation. Realistic and comprehensive instruction on how to conduct witness interviews in an internal fraud investigation. Realistic and comprehensive instruction on how to respond to whistleblower complaints. Realistic and comprehensive instruction on how to prepare a thorough report of investigation. Understand how to prepare for an internal fraud investigation. Learn how to conduct witness interviews in an internal investigation. Learn about various responses to whistleblower complaints. Learn how to gather evidence in an internal investigation. Learn how to orally present the results of the investigation. Learn how to prepare a comprehensive report of investigation. Learn about the psychology of fraudsters. Learn how to investigate fraud and misconduct in the federal government. Internal investigations Fraud investigations Whistleblower complaints Gathering evidence Presenting the results of an internal investigation Drafting reports of investigation Fraud Psychology of Fraudsters Compliance programs Internal controls The instructor, H. David Kotz, is the former Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), who conducted some of the highest-profile internal investigations ever, including the investigation of why the SEC failed to uncover Bernie Madoff’s billion Ponzi scheme, will draw upon his varied experiences at the SEC in teaching the class. He will provide real-life examples of his tenure at the SEC, and his efforts to overcome numerous challenges in the many high-profile internal investigations he conducted. Who Will Benefit: Internal and external audit professionals Finance and accounting management Compliance professionals Human resource Loss prevention and risk specialists Security professionals Fraud examiners Audit report writers Procurement/purchasing and Payables Specialists Senior financial management seeking to reduce their vulnerability to costly frauds CFO's/senior financial managers Regulatory affairs Quality assurance University officials and researchers Insurer claims executives State or local police insurance fraud investigators Controllers and corporate managers Anti-fraud professionals Small business owners Officers in supervisory positions Legal counsel and management officials who want to expand their knowledge in how to conduct internal fraud investigations, and wish to learn strategies on how to combat and investigate fraud Topic Background: In the current political and regulatory environment, government oversight and enforcement activities are increasing rapidly and internal and external scrutiny over corporate practices is at an all-time high. Prompt and thorough internal investigations of allegations of fraud, mismanagement and misconduct are critical to companies that need to respond to a governmental investigation or threatened litigation or are simply concerned with internal management, outside boards, or shareholder pressure. There are many potential pitfalls associated with conducting a fraud or other internal investigation. Field of Study: Auditing: 5 CPE Credits Finance: 4 CPE Credits Regulatory Ethics: 3 CPE Credits Specialized Knowledge and Applications: 2 CPE Credits Communications: 2 CPE Credits Personnel/HR: 0.5 CPE Credits Total CPE credits earned in this seminar: 16.5 CPE Credits Program Delivery Method: Group-Live Program Level: Intermediate Advance Preparation/Program Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of internal investigations, including how to gather evidence and conduct witness interviews. Day 01(8:30 AM – 4:30 PM) 08.30 AM – 09.00 AM: Registration 09.00 AM: Session Start Whistleblowers and Whistleblower Complaints How to manage complaints How to deal with whistleblowers Internal fraud investigations Introduction How to determine which investigations to conduct Comprehensive case study Gathering Evidence Collecting documents Collecting electronic mail Collecting other electronic documentation Interviewing techniques Strategies for conducting interviews Mock interview exercises Day 02(8:30 AM – 4:30 PM) Presenting the results of the investigation Instruction on presentation techniques Mock oral presentation exercises Preparing a comprehensive report of investigation Determining what to include in report How to deal with Exculpatory evidence Comprehensive case study Investigating fraud and misconduct in the federal government How to deal with internal pressures How to deal with external pressures Comprehensive case study The psychology of fraudsters How fraudsters think? How to detect fraud? How to ensure internal controls are in place? H. David Kotz Managing Director at Berkeley Research Group LLC H. David Kotz is a Managing Director at Berkeley Research Group, a leading global expert services and consulting firm, and specializes in regulation of and securities trading by broker-dealers, investment advisers, hedge funds, insurance companies and banks. He is a member of BRG's Capital Markets Practice, where he specializes in the regulation of and securities trading by broker-dealers, investment advisers, hedge funds, insurance companies and banks. He consults with and provides expert testimony on behalf of clients in a wide variety of areas relating to securities fraud, Ponzi schemes, securities market regulation, internal control risk policies, regulations of Futures Commission Merchants and commodities trading regulation. Kotz also focuses on internal investigations and matters relating to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ("FCPA") and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. He also serves as a compliance monitor for firms that have entered into deferred prosecution agreements and similar arrangements with government agencies. Prior to BRG, Kotz served for over 4 years as the Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). During his tenure at the SEC, he conducted the widely publicized investigation of the failure of the SEC to uncover Bernard Madoff's billion Ponzi scheme. As part of the Madoff investigation, Kotz personally led interviews of nearly 122 individuals with knowledge of facts or circumstances surrounding the SEC's examinations and/or investigations of Madoff and his firms, including a several-hour, in-person interview with Bernie Madoff, and led the review of approximately 3.7 million e-mails and thousands of pages of documentary evidence regarding Madoff's Ponzi scheme. His investigation culminated with a 457-page report of investigation with over 550 exhibits which described Madoff's Ponzi scheme and why the SEC failed to uncover it. Kotz also authored numerous, additional high-profile reports of investigation while at the SEC concerning, among others, the billion Ponzi scheme perpetrated by Allen Stanford, an SEC settlement of an Enforcement action against Bank of America, and alleged SEC coordination with Congress and the White House concerning the timing of the bringing of an SEC Enforcement action against Goldman Sachs & Co. In addition, he authored a landmark audit report analyzing the SEC's oversight of Bear Stearns and the reasons for its collapse. This report was utilized by both the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services and the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission as a basis for making recommendations on U.S. financial reform. He has testified before Congress on numerous occasions, including televised appearances before the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Banking Committee regarding the Madoff and Stanford Ponzi schemes. He also previously served as Inspector General of the Peace Corps. Please contact the event manager Marilyn below for the following:- Discounts for registering 5 or more participants.- If you company requires a price quotation.Event Manager Contact: marilyn.b.turner(at)nyeventslist.comYou can also contact us if you require a visa invitation letter, after ticket purchase.We can also provide a certificate of completion for this event if required.NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFER ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONS—————————————————————–This Event Listing is Promoted byNew York Media Technologies LLC in associationwith METRICSTREAM INC.http://www.NyEventsList.comhttp://www.BostonEventsList.com—————————————————————–SHU170406CEV

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