1. E Tristram E Tristram

    This was a fantastic practice – thank you. I hope you're enjoying yourself on that beach! I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much you have utterly changed my life. I spent quite a long time being wheelchair or bed-bound and took up yoga with you after leaving hospital. Now, although I am not healthy, I am so much stronger than I once was. I'm stronger than a lot of people I spend time with! – and they don't have other difficulties! Last week I climbed Glastonbury Tor (will only mean something to my British homies!) and it was a peace of cake! I also rocked out at a silent disco for an hour and a half. To put things in perspective, a year ago, I struggled to climb the stairs. Nothing else has changed in my condition – the only difference is the yoga that I do with you daily (or a few times a day.)

    You have truly changed my life. I also meditate (although that wasn't inspire by you – sorry!) and I feel a connection to you, a deep connection. You have the right tone between taking this historic and beautiful art form seriously, and having fun, Finding What Feels Good! It would be my dream to one day meet you.

    Thank you, Adriene. Thank you for saving me.

  2. Richelle Olnick Richelle Olnick

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  3. Matilde Verbeeck Matilde Verbeeck

    too quick 🙁

  4. Janine Swann Janine Swann

    Adriene, is there any chance you could do a video for asthma sufferers? I'm aware there are certain poses that help with asthma, but I don't know which ones and a video from you would be so awesome!

  5. Nemra99 Nemra99

    For me this one was too quick. I mean i've learnt to move with the breath grace to you and now my breath begged me to stay more in those positions😅😅
    But I never got to say thank you for all the videos you make. I started to sleep better since practicing yoga🤗 Thank you! 🙏🏼

  6. Bee Dot Bee Dot

    I couldn't watch this flow for hours so calming

  7. Maks Gerber Maks Gerber


  8. Jenna Griffith Jenna Griffith

    Adriene, First of all – loved this routine, really calming but also brought strength. Second – I did this video with my patio door open and a grasshopper flew over when the video started, stayed, and left as soon as the video ended! He was my little yoga friend today! Looks like he liked this vinyasa as well <3

  9. Jazz Moore Jazz Moore

    I really really loved this! So over the slow past videos. I had to keep up lol (beginner) love the challenge!! Thank you!!

  10. Diana Urban Diana Urban

    This is one of my favorite videos of yours so far. So peaceful with the sound of the waves in the background. Thanks so much!!

  11. Isa Belle Isa Belle

    What an awesome video. I just ended my day with it and feel totally energized and calm. Thank you so much for sharing Adriene ❤️

  12. Toni Pretorius Toni Pretorius

    How to fix a bad day in just 12min!


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