Yoga Hike in Harriman State Park!

Yoga Hike in Harriman State Park!
Event on 2017-08-26 08:00:00 Transportation, food and a gentle yoga flow will be provided!Are you curious about what yoga is? Or what it can be/do for you? Do you want to meditate but have reservations?Or do you simply miss nature and want to reconnect ?If so please join us! We'll be demystifying yoga and discussing what it is to it's core. We'll be talking about the practical benefits of meditation and how to make it a simple part of your life. And we'll have a day of nature, connection, and good eats!Teachers: Emily Chen Boris Viktorovich Cody Vaune Gao David GaoHosted by Be Simply Yoga

at Harriman State Park
7 Lakes Drive
Harriman, United States



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