You Can Exercise At Home – How To Choose Your Fitness Program

Have you resolved to lose weight this year? Maybe you're doing okay in that department but just know that your sedentary lifestyle is no longer acceptable. You want to feel great and look great, but you sure don't have the time or the money to go off to the gym and buy a membership. What do you do? How about a home fitness program.

To find out the best home fitness program for you, begin by asking yourself a few simple questions like "what fitness level am I at currently" and "what goals do I hope to achieve with my fitness program." Then, determine your budget and, perhaps just as importantly, consider the types of activities you enjoy. It won't do you a bit of good if you buy a treadmill and detest walking long distances.

Consider the safety of any exercise equipment you bring into your home, especially if you have small children with access to your exercise space. Also determine how much room you actually have to exercise. There are many effective exercise programs that can be done in limited space, so don't be discouraged if you have only a small area to set up shop.

Now comes the fun part - shopping! Once you've gotten an idea of what sort of exercise program suits you, you'll need to do some comparison shopping. Let's take a peek at some of the options that you may be considering.

Treadmill - Considered a standard-bearer in the gym world, a treadmill is a great way to get your heart rate up and moving. If you enjoy a long walk, feeling your legs work, while listening to music, this is a good match for you. You'll want to choose a treadmill that is first and foremost sturdy with a smooth tread action. Then, choose the added features. Check out the safety features and the warranty before making your final decision. Do a lot of price comparison as there is a wide range of options now with treadmills.

Elliptical Trainer - The low impact of this exercise equipment makes it a good choice for many beginners. As your fitness improves, you can adjust the resistance and keep your goals climbing. I don't want to say unequivocally that price matters, but do the comparisons when you shop and look for sturdiness first, then features. Make sure you are looking at a solid structure, and one that has the manufacture's warranty to back it up.

Stationary Bike - This is a great no-impact way to exercise. Often stationary bikes are considered essential for people who are in the beginning of a fitness program after some time in a sedentary lifestyle. Good stationary bicycles have some resistance adjustments so you can increase the difficulty as you build muscle and strength. Even after a person has progressed far beyond their initial goals, a stationary bike is a good cardio workout to choose in between other workouts.

Exercise Videos Using Resistance and Cardio - Many folks like to start their exercise program by choosing a video. This is an inexpensive way to begin the process of starting and sticking with an exercise program. Many videos offer very specific, timed, and guided exercises that appeal to the beginner. It takes the guess work out of your fitness routine. Most exercise videos include some kind of resistance training, whether it's a few dumbbells, floor ball exercises, or resistance bands, to build muscle which in turn burns fat. And, if you're a more expressive personality, you can opt for videos that appeal to your nature, too; videos such as belly dancing and yoga. It doesn't all have to be sit ups and push ups!

No matter what kind of fitness program you decide on, the only way it will give you the results you want is if you work at it on a regular basis. Be honest with yourself about what type of exercise you will enjoy, and purchase the equipment, whether big or small, that you will have fun with. Challenge yourself to finally stick with your resolution to get in shape and stay in shape!

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