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    • avatar Jermain Hussy 1

      Man there is no denying it my nephew offset is nice in the rap game but that nigga ain't doing right by his Granny Debra and that is ducked up.

      • avatar Jahnye Mccurdy 2

        This song GO DUMMY OM

        • avatar brooklyn smokes 2

          got damn offset again with another win swear this nigga dope plus nudy nice too

          • avatar Travil Suttle 1

            Shit fie asf

            • avatar Tay Pham 1

              Nudy so underrated

              • avatar Roglizzy 215 1

                yeaaaa Nudy #realniggazbackinstyle💯💯💯

                • avatar Mario Rain Drops 1

                  Offset is the best I don't care what ppl wanna say. He's on🔥🔥🔥