Your Glasses May Actually Be Hurting Your Eyes

More than forty eight percent of people in America are using glasses or contact lens for their eyes. You may get a an improved vision by using an artificial lens but usually it’s a temporary solution. The reality is that you can use a glass or lens to completely fix your eye issues. These glasses and lenses can improve your vision enough to see more clearly, but they are focused only on the symptoms and never meant to cure .

The artificial glasses gets you into bad habit of allowing your eyes to function incorrectly and that is the main issue with using them. You won’t even realize how quickly you depend on the lenses for your vision completely which prevents your eyes to self healing. You may not know this but if you can train your eyes to get relaxed, your need for glasses would go away.

Do you know what is the main root of most eye problems? It’s the strain and stress on the eyes. The answer to the ailments is learning to quash the stress in first place. It may not always be possible but can surely be done if you learn to develop new habits that help you deal with strain.

One of the biggest challenges with artificial glasses is to find a prescription that is perfect. Your eye visions values are changing frequently. There are a lot of factors that play a role in how well you see. Here are a few examples: physical health, mood, weather and other outer stresses etc. You may have not realized this but our eyesight and mood are generally better if it’s bright and sunny outside. Finding the perfect prescription for your eyes isn’t even possible for doctor. For example, you go to the doctor for prescription but you are not a good mood and to make things worse it is dark and rainy out there. So the prescription that you take now will wronged completely when you are in a good mood and it gets bright out there.

If it is safe for you to do so, you should at least see what difference it makes if you try to go without glasses for a couple of weeks. You may get completely amazed by the outcomes. In the beginning, you may face difficulties as things will appear blurry, but life will be on another level once your vision starts to adjust with the things. The only trick to make this technique work is though is too assure that you do not have much of mental strain. Whenever vision gets out of focus, just try to rest your eyes with some relaxation techniques.

Again, you need to remember that it is not a good practice to use artificial lenses as it may make your eyes lazy and promotes bad habits. So try to focus on solving the issue of mental strain rather than covering it up with the lenses.

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